Private environment may have been one of the causes of your burnout.

MBI test chief dr. Maslach defines burnout 'regarding work only'.

That is a definition made from the outside. If at any point the neurobiology of burnout is proven, and no difference between burnout due to work circumstances of private circumstances can be shown, the definition of burnout will probably have to be widened towards 'work and other long standing obligatory life situations'.

Let us presume that private life environment has not contributed to burniut, but work only.

Then remains the question how your private environment will react:

  • warm and supportive, not thinking less of you because you became burnout
  • 'sheepishly', not knowing what burnout is and not taking a stand
  • preferring not having you hoome
  • normative: 'Get yourself back together and work!' (because that is the expected behaviour for your sex, or because the private environment needs the money).

The home environment may also be 'a cold shower' while former colleagues are very warm and send cards and wishes. Or the other way round.

The employer may be supportive and offer to pay counselling...or the employer may remain stand-off-ish, not knowing what to do....or the employer may become hostile, taking your burnout as an excuse to get rid of you.

So the private environment may be a HELP towards burnout recovery, or another roadblock!