There are many coaches and therapists out there, and psychologists and physicians, how to make your choice for burnout recovery?

One thing you have to bear in mind:

The all want to make money on you...the ones that honestly say: 'I am not specialised enough in burnout, go to someone else' are in the minority....so how to choose?

Here are good criteria:

  • ask for testing. What tests do they use? SCL-90 for 'broadness' of psychic complaints together with MBI, Maslach Burnout Inventory, are ideal. If they say 'no tests' confront them with above names. If they are not familiar with them: frauds, do not know anything about burnout
  • ask how many burnout clients they treat per year. This gives an idee of degree of specialisation
  • ask them what burnout is, in essence. See wether their answers matches theory on this site
  • ask them for a written treatment plan, even an average burnout treatment plan, If they cannot provide or do not want to provide you with anything in writing in short notice, they probably coach without treatment plan, and they will certainly burnout-coach you without, Very bad practice, walk away.

12 effective sessions should be enough, except......Let us say once a week, so 3 weeks long. Your burnout may last up to 6 months even with good help.

Here is an example of a treatment plan (2 pages PDF), with courtesy of Stichting Burnout Netherlands.