As soon as you recognise this, in the position of the work-reluctant monkey, you realise YOU CANNOT any more and realise you are burnout.

Go on sick leave...which may feel like an emotional rollercoster.

Ask for the tests and recovery program mentioned elsewhere on the page, and a burnout-therapist.

In the days and weeks thereafter, your feelings will hopefully cristallize out.

In the Burnout Analysis, with the burnout therapist, you can pinpoint, towards the burnout, what GAVE you energy and what DRAINED all energy out of you.

Increasingly, you will learn to see, by hindsight, where you let the 'energy drainers' win from the 'energy generators'.

Half way the therapy you will be able to make a full picture:

  • what do you need in work situations?
  • what are your allergies in work situations?
  • what improvements can be made if you could adjust company culture to your needs?
  • what improvements can be made if you could adjust work content to your need?
  • what improvements can be made if you could just adjust physical work environment?

You will get a picture what you need in future.

And the burnout therapist will also point out to you what YOU can learn (whereby role playing or other exercises can help).

Towards the end of therapy you will hopefully be able to make a gut choice: are my wishes feasible with this employer, or does 'he' not want to change, will 'you' never fit in and will the grass somewhere else be greener?

Let us assume you worked things out with your burnout therapist, update the employer on the highlights and changes you wish at work, and the employer is RESPONSIVE and gives you the feeling you are WELCOME back and he is PREPARED to make changes to adjust to your needs, than still the first day back at work will be very emotional.

It is hard to predict how it will turn out - crying in the car on the way to the office (crying as processing of past emotions), be happy, warmly welcomed by colleagues?

Don't be too harsh on yourself but start with an hour of coffee drinking, next day maybe half a day, but not too much 'increase in work load in a short time'.

Pick out those activities you prefer, and that are most rewarding.

That will 'fill up' your self confidence again.

IN CASE the employer is less responsive to your needs, or you predict your overall attitude to your employer will still be like the 'reluctant monkey', it is better to turn the page, and ask for outplacement....see here