There is a lot of science to read about burnout! See the sources mentioned in chapter 4.

At a later stage, we will compile a series of articles that are 'open access science' which we are allowed to feature on this site. Most articles you can find in Google Scholar of the Highwire library of Harvard have to be paid for, per single issue, and we are not allowed to distribute them here over the web.

Most books about burnout are, unfortunately, not honest: full of popular 'wisdom., popular fairy tales etc.

Good books that stand out are:

'Banishing Burnout' by Michael Leiter (link to amazon)

'Truth about Burnout' by Maslach and Leiter (link to amazon)

'Burnout at work' editor Michael Leiter (link to amazon) - new: 2014!

'Burnout: the high cost of high Achievement (Freudenberger 1989 - link to amazon second hand)'