The three characterisics of burnout were mentioned by burnout founder Freudenberger in 1974:

1) emotional exhuastion

2) distance to towards others

3) low esteem of own capacities

In later research (SMBQ, other research on cognitive impairments) it was found that

4) 'cognitive impairment'

is also a burnout trait.

There are only two worldide scientifically validated tests for burnout:

  • MBI, Maslach Burnout Inventory, that covers the three aspects of Freuderberger (1974, 'Staff-burnout'). Publisher Pearson issues the test
  • SMBQ. Stichting Burnout is holder of the license rights

Burnout is, in DSM 4-5 'Somatoform disorder, not otherwise specified' (code 300.81)

In ICD-10, International Classification of diseases, Z73 (click):

'vital exhaustion, excessive exhaustion'

then Group 951, Z88, the allergies, but then allergy/aleergic reaction to interaction with other people, NOT: external physical pathogen or medicine.

In September 2014 a (hopefully) landmark article of one of our neuroscientists, Philippe Blankert (#blankertscience) will be published, deducting burnout is an

immunological reaction in the form of neuroinflammation, due to 'emotional allergies' to situation bound (work bound) social interactions, being physically expressed in the body through NEUROINFLAMMATION.