What is on the minds of physicians is 'anatomy'.

They have difficulties accepting non physical things exist, and certainly that non-visible things can be all illness

Depression is clearly accepted as illness, because depressive behaviour (movements, anhedonia) are easy to observe.

A problem for physicians is that they do (rightly) not want to define TOO many illnesses.

  • Some illnesses are always seconday to a primary illness

  • And some illnesses are co-morbide

    Hopefully (1) the better study of burnout science as mentioned in chapter 3, as well as (2) soon-to-come-breakthrough in physical evidence of burnout will lead to recognitin of burnout as PRIMARY ILLNESS by physicians.

But meanwhile, we rightly say that 'published science' overrules opinions of physicians - so burnout had extensively been established and prooved in scientifical journals between 1974 and nowadays.