New: first 'Grand Theory' of burnout, 13 september 2014, 40 years after the 'discovery' of burnout by Herbert Freudenberger in 1974 (click PDF)

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astro image example Burnout is an often poorly understood illness. Why will become clear when you read our 14 'chapters' in the menu.

The main reasons that burnout is 'difficult' are:

  • physicians DSM 5 lacks behind 30 years on science as available in http://google.scholar.com and ICD-10, the international classification of diseases
  • anatomically, nothing is to be seen. However, with neuroimaging you can see neuroinflammation - burnout is an immunological reaction to a variety of continued stress stimuli
  • the disease does not heal 'within the person'- the disease consists of a series of 'allergies' between the person and specific parts of the working environment

Burnout University is a common project of Stichting Burnout (NL) and several Dutch and Belgian universities. Senior neuroscientist and author of most texts is Jean Philippe Blankert (neuroscientist, university engineer and psychologist, specialized in burnout over 10 years - Google Scholar profile and google for #BlankertScience )